Just under the wire—one last song raced in!

Just under the wire, one last song raced in—on the back of a horse on wheels! Red Rock Rondo’s new CD was completely recorded when the creativity of photographer Roz Newmark and artist Edie Roberson inspired one more trip to the piano. Edie Roberson’s whimsical trompe-l’oeil painting, “Serendipity,” graces the CD jacket cover (designed by Sandy Bell). Her personal collection of antique toys includes a toy horse on wheels which Newmark photographed for the inner jacket. Recalling that one of the book’s stories concerns a little girl who received a toy pull-horse for Christmas (as a result of the secret gift to her parents), Bimstein responded to Newmark’s evocative still-life by quickly composing “Horses on Wheels” as a wishful coda. It's on the CD!

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